Runway Thoughts: Lela Rose

Today I’m looking at a very small line from a designer I’ve never heard of, Lela Rose. There were only eight outfits in the pictures I could find (I have no idea if that was the entire line or not, but I would hope there was more).


I like this dress a lot. The shape is very simple, but the fabric is used to make the dress very visually interesting. It’s a really nice effect. The entire line was in the two colors on this dress – a rich cholcolate brown and a soft taupe. They go well together and she used them nicely for the most part. All of the dresses were short like this one.


This dress was very simple from the front, but had this frill around the back. This was probably my least favourite design from this collection. The frill just looked uncomfortable. It comes up high under the model’s chin in the front and the back is pretty, but impractical. I kept wondering if you could sit in a chair without having to sit forward away from the back with this design. There were a few odd elements, like this frill, but for the most part the lines on these dresses and coats were very flattering and simple.

I like this collection. It may have been little, and fairly simple, but it was very attractive. There were creative and interesting elements, the fabrics were used creatively and interestingly, and the designs were flattering to the figure. Other than a few dresses with odd elements, almost everything in this collection is something I could consider wearing. This is a designer I definately intend to watch!

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