Runway Thoughts: Vena Cava

Today’s collection may well be one of my favourites of the season! It’s from Vena Cava, a design team that I’ve heard of but am not at all familiar with. The presentation of this collection was really cool. Rather than having the observers sitting in chairs watching the models walk down a runway, the models were standing around in four rooms made up to look like a house (using props from the designers’ own homes) and the observers walked around looking at them. I’m not sure it’s the most practical way of showing a collection, but it gets big points for creativity and homeyness!


I really like the simple, flattering lines of the dresses in this collection. Everything was very soft and flowy. I like the rich color of this dress and the stripe at the bottom that almost seems to suggest a layered skirt. If there was a theme in this collection, it seemed to be coordinated, sophisticated, comfortable pieces.


I really like this outfit. The skirt has sailor pant closures in the front, which is unusual and cool. The top has great detailing around the neck! Doesn’t it just look like something one could throw on for work? I love it.


I just had to post this picture. It’s a model reading a book! And it looks like an old book! How cool is that? Oh, and you can see the detailing on the top more clearly. It’s very pretty and provides an interesting element in what would otherwise be a pretty boring black top.


Ok, before I get into the outfit, will you look at that model? Isn’t she gorgeous? And she’s not 17! What a novel concept! I think she looks great. I’m not really a fan of very wide-legged pants, but they go well with this set of tops. What I like about this outfit is that she looks so complete and put together. She looks elegant and comfortable at the same time. Like a professor giving a paper for facinated students, or an art director surveying pieces for a collection.

I really liked this collection a lot. It was very simple and elegant. I kept thinking of very well-educated young women discussing great works of literature or critiquing art. The presentation was unique and worked exceptionally well to showcase this particular collection. I like that the designers created such a beautiful collection and then chose a way of showcasing it that would bring out the best qualities of their designs! This was a great collection. I will definately keep an eye on this design team from now on! I would even consider buying some of their pieces.

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