Runway Thoughts: Tuleh

Today I’m looking at the collection from Tuleh. Overall, this collection evoked old-fashioned college girls (Vassar came to mind a few times). The outfits were largely modest and in simple colors.


Suits like this one were common in the collection. They all had higher necklines and longer skirts, straight lines adding height (which most of the models didn’t really need), and simple accessories. The fabrics were nearly all blacks, grays, whites and creams. I like this style, but somehow everything seemed to fall just a little bit short of being as flattering as it seemed like they should have been.


There were a lot of coats in this collection and for the most part they played with the same elements as the suits – modest designs and basic colors. Several of the girls carried suitcases in different shapes and sizes, but always in matching pairs. It was an interesting element of the show, but I’m not sure what it added.


The end of the collection was all more formal dresses and gowns. Several of them had interesting elements to them that made them stand out. The dress above caught my eye because there is so much going on, yet it doesn’t feel overly complicated. I love the very high waistline of the very fitted skirt and the sheer sleeves really add a lot. Some of the dresses were not so well done, but all were interesting.

While there wasn’t a whole lot from this collection that I could really seeing myself wearing, a lot of it was nice. I liked the idea behind it and many of the elements worked. I just felt like it didn’t quite make it in some cases. More tailoring in the suits would have been nice, but that tends to be what I look for in a suit, so my opinion in this case may be suspect. Overall I liked the collection, but wasn’t wowed by it.

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