Runway Thoughts: Thakoon

Thakoon was another designer that I had never heard of before, but I can definately see the appeal of some of these designs! The collection felt very young, but still adult (aka. not high school).


Like many of the other collections this season, most of this collection was black and white. Unlike many of the other collections this season, the black and white outfits still looked distinctive in this collection. This dress uses a very common shape, but the line at the bust where the fabric changes gives it a very different look. I don’t know that I would wear this dress, but it does look very good.


I like this suit. It is very youthful and modest, but not dowdy at all. It has nice lines and the fabric has a great sheen. The edging on the jacket creates a nice detail. Many of the pieces in this collection had this sophisticated and youthful feeling.


I really like this outfit. It looks very casual-dressy, which is a hard look to achieve. It also looks really comfortable. It’s flattering on the model and the color is great. There were some wonderfully flexible outfits like this one in the collection, but I think this was my favourite!

I liked this collection a lot, but I probably wouldn’t wear a lot of it (I look awfully young as it is, highlighting that isn’t always a good thing). I loved how everything looked comfortable and attractive at the same time. This wasn’t a spectacular collection, but it was very nice.

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