Book: The Story of Saint Patrick’s Day

The Story of Saint Patrick’s Day
Patricia A. Pingry
Illustrated by Pamela R. Levy

This is a board book that attempts to explain the history of Saint Patrick’s Day. It tells the basic story of Saint Patrick’s life as well as discussing some of the other common symbols associated with the holiday. The story is simply told, but perhaps a little beyond much of the board book crowd. The book focuses heavily on the religious aspects of the story with little time spent on the secular elements that are common today. I was particularly irritated that the book specifically pointed out that leprechauns are make-believe but told the story of Saint Patrick driving out the snakes as if it was as factual as everything else they said about him. It seemed like it was deliberately scoffing at the non-religious aspects of the holiday. I found it irritating.

The illustrations really are nice. The compositions of each illustration are very well done. I particularly liked the picture of the parade which is shown from behind a little girl sitting on her father’s shoulders in the audience watching. I liked that we saw several of the same children throughout the book and that the colours are good, but not artificially bright for the story.

I didn’t like this book much. I haven’t read many of the other books in the series, but this one didn’t impress me at all. I would not recommend it.

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