Runway Thoughts: Oscar de la Renta

One of my all-time favourite designers is Oscar de la Renta and I am pleased that this collection is another great one! De la Renta’s designs always have a certain ladylike grace that many other designers never achieve. He also has a consistancy that seems to be rare in the fashion world (you can’t always count on Galliano or even Marc Jacobs to have collections that past fans will like).


There were a lot of coats in this collection. I’ve been slightly frustrated that so many of the other coats I’ve seen in collections have been so similar to each other, as if the designers couldn’t really find their own spin. De la Renta’s coats use a wide variety of shapes and styles though. I think this may be one of the only coats I’ve seen this season where the closures are offset! And it looks really good! Many of the short coats were wonderful too.


Notice how he actually knows where a woman’s waist is? I really like this outfit. It’s simple and elegent. Minus the sunglasses I would absolutely wear this. It’s casual yet would work well for work.


I love the shape of this dress. It’s very formal and pretty. The fabric is great. I’m so happy to see a collection with color! A lot of color! I’ve gotten pretty sick of black and white.


Couldn’t you totally see this dress on a starlet at the Oscars? Every year there are a few actresses who choose to wear de la Renta dresses to the Academy Awards, but I’m usually wrong about who and which dresses they wear. Nevertheless, this dress screamed Oscars to me this year. I like the shape and think it is pretty, but it’s a little too Barbie for me.

I really liked this collection. It broke away from many of the trends of the season and stuck true to Oscar de la Renta’s vision of ladylike elegance. I would wear several things from this collection. It’s not quite my favourite collection of the season, but it’s close.

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