Runway Thoughts: Proenza Schouler

A fairly new design team that has really wowed me for the last couple of years is Proenza Schouler. This collection was less spectacular than some of their previous ones, but it was still pretty interesting.


A lot of their designs had the stained glass look that the outfit above has. This also pretty much encompases their color palette. I like the colors, but this particular combination looks odd to me. Some others were much better.


There were a lot of outfits in this collection that had very architectural details. This one feels almost like the end of a building with windows and everything! Lots of designers take cues and inspiration from buildings, but something about these designs feels different. Almost like they took the inspiration from the blueprints rather than the final buildings.


There was a surprising amount of leather in this show. Several models sported leather jackets and others wore leather belts like the one above. I like the lines on this dress. It was a common element in the dresses and skirts and I think it looks really sharp.


Many of the skirts had wonderful flowing drapery like this dress. It softened the look and paired well with all the leather and geometric shapes. I love how elegant this gown looks. It just flows around her like liquid.

Overall I liked this collection. It experimented with geometric shapes and straight lines, which was unusual and nice. I loved the juxtaposition of the soft draping skirts and dresses and the leather jackets and belts. I liked the youth and freshness in this collection as well as the feeling of experimentation! It was great.

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