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Well, if you’d asked me last night I would have had some choice things to say about our web host. Our databases were umm…sort of broken around midnight last night. Despite that, this morning they’re fixed and SecureImage seems to be working fine.

So! Hopefully you should be able to comment as per normal again. Please let me know if you have any further issues.

– Michael

Runway Thoughts: Lela Rose

Today I’m looking at a very small line from a designer I’ve never heard of, Lela Rose. There were only eight outfits in the pictures I could find (I have no idea if that was the entire line or not, but I would hope there was more).


I like this dress a lot. The shape is very simple, but the fabric is used to make the dress very visually interesting. It’s a really nice effect. The entire line was in the two colors on this dress – a rich cholcolate brown and a soft taupe. They go well together and she used them nicely for the most part. All of the dresses were short like this one.


This dress was very simple from the front, but had this frill around the back. This was probably my least favourite design from this collection. The frill just looked uncomfortable. It comes up high under the model’s chin in the front and the back is pretty, but impractical. I kept wondering if you could sit in a chair without having to sit forward away from the back with this design. There were a few odd elements, like this frill, but for the most part the lines on these dresses and coats were very flattering and simple.

I like this collection. It may have been little, and fairly simple, but it was very attractive. There were creative and interesting elements, the fabrics were used creatively and interestingly, and the designs were flattering to the figure. Other than a few dresses with odd elements, almost everything in this collection is something I could consider wearing. This is a designer I definately intend to watch!

Sometimes I Hate being an American

There are times when I really really don’t want to live in the United States of American anymore, and lately I’ve been feeling like that an awful lot. A lot of why I feel this way is because I’m a woman and it sure feels like being a woman means having fewer rights in this country these days. It certainly means that my body is fair game for extensive legislation.

The Supreme Court is set to make a ruling on “partial-birth abortions” (which is a terribly ambiguous non-medical term). Besides the fact that I don’t really feel that the Supreme Court is an appropriate body to pass rules about what doctors can and can not do to help their patients, this is a big deal. The biggest issue with this law is that it completely lacks any provision for the mother’s health and safety. What the government considers “partial-birth abortions” happen very rarely and almost always because there is a serious issue with the mother’s health or safety as a direct result of her pregnancy. Usually there is a serious problem with the pregnancy for both mother and baby. Often there is really no hope for the baby, but some for the mother. The more logistical and less human issue is that the phrase “partial-birth abortion” is not a medical one at all, in fact, in medical terms it means almost nothing and has so many loopholes as to be meaningless.

To make things that much more fun, South Dakota just passed a law that outlaws all abortions, period. There is absolutely no provisions for the safety of the mother or pregancy as the result of rape or incest, although they were proposed and voted down. The state claims that it’s intention is to force the Supreme Court to make a ruling on the issue. They waited until Alito was firmly in place, you will notice, before taking this step, so one would assume that they expect it to be upheld (or at least want it to be). The problem is that this shows no regard at all for the health and safety of the women of South Dakota. If I were in South Dakota, I would seriously move right now (and if I was already moving, I’d move out of the country).

The third thing is smaller in scope than the first two, but potentially just as violating. Recently the FDA changed the requirements for being given a drug that treats severe acne (the disfiguring kind of acne). They have decided that women and their doctors cannot be trusted to ensure that the women are not pregant before they take a drug that is potentially harmful to an unborn baby. To ensure this, the women must register as part of a national database and must take a forced pregancy test which will be recorded in the database along with the results of the test. There are several logistical issues with the system as well, but the part that concerns me is the forced pregancy tests that are then recorded in a government database. The idea that the government has any right to keep track of whether or not I’m pregant is really unsettling to me. This could lead to so many issues with abortions, women’s safety, misscarrages, even parenting issues (with money, support, anything). I agree that the government has the right to know how many kids I have, but they don’t have the right to know when I get pregnant if I don’t want them to know that.

Basically, I really hate the idea of my safety being decided by a bunch of men in Washington who really don’t care that much. I hate that my uterus is considered as valid a thing to legislate as property is. That equates me to property and that isn’t fair or American. Period.

I want to move.

Runway Thoughts: Donna Karan

Today I want to look at Donna Karan‘s signature line. I always have trouble with Donna Karan. I don’t know if there is just something weird about my taste or what, but I really don’t understand her designs. They are all over the map and I often wonder what she actually designed about them. That said, this wasn’t an awful show.


There were a lot of coats in this collection. I don’t know why I picked this one in particular to show since many of them pretty much looked like this. Some of them were more coat-dress like than this one, but most had similar shapes and details. Almost the entire collection was black and white. That seems to be a theme this season and, while I appreciate that it makes it easier to mix and match from many different lines, it does get rather boring.


Another element that popped up in many of the designs in this show was sheer fabric (like on the chest here). In some cases this worked. I think that it looks good on this suit, although I wonder what kind of office this would be appropriate for. Some of the designs with sheer fabric came out looking more gothy than she probably intended. I like the suit (although I usually prefer more tailored suits), but I swear I’ve seen it in lots of other places. It’s really the sheer part that makes it different, and I think that would be the first thing to go if I ever intended to actually wear this.


Probably my least favourite pieces in this show were the ones like this dress with strange side cut-outs. The idea of these cut-outs is pretty sound (they are usually intended to make the wearer appear more slim), but it just doesn’t look right here. Maybe the cut-out is too big or the angles aren’t right, I don’t honestly know. The problem is that they make the models look cut freakishly. It makes me think of really blocky cartoon characters. It’s very unattractive and makes me want to feed the girls a cheeseburger even more than I otherwise want to!

Overall I was very underwhelmed by this collection. Parts of it felt very underdesigned while others, like the cut-out dress above, felt overdesigned! The combination is very strange and it just kind of rubs me wrong. I can see potential in some of these pieces, but I really would like to see more.

New TV Snippets

There are two new TV Snippet pages. The first is a song from an episode of House of Mouse sung by the “Angry Villager People“. The second is a page that will hopefully continue to grow as time passes. It has the “sponsored by” ads from the end of House of Mouse episodes. They are usually quite funny and I hope they amuse you!

Runway Thoughts: DKNY

Today I’m looking at the DKNY collection (I plan to check out Donna Karen’s signature collection later). I’m not usually a big fan of DKNY. Maybe it’s because I don’t live in New York, who knows. Regardless, this collection in some way surprised me and in some ways was pretty expected.


Black with small amounts of underlying yellow was a big theme. There were lots of black dresses with hints of yellow under the straps and neckline. There was so much black in this collection! Some of the pictures seriously look like legs and a floating head with just space in between because the blackness blended in with the background! I wasn’t a big fan of these designs.


The menswear was mostly unremarkable, but for some reason I liked this one. There were lots of black suits with white shirts and black ties. This outfit plays with texture a little more though, and I like that. He doesn’t look like a paper doll. I’m not crazy about sweater vests usually, but the texture and contrast on this one works well.


This is such a cute dress. There were a few cute, flowy dresses, but this one is by far my favorite. First of all, it isn’t black (most of the others were). I love the detailing near the hemline and the green is a great color that you don’t see often. I would absolutely wear this dress. I would even pay money for it!

Overall I was unimpressed by this collection. Too much of it was black and it got boring. There were some gems, like the dress above, that I did like. I can’t say this collection made me any more of a fan of DKNY, but it was one of the best shows I’ve seen from the brand.

Star Trek Characters

Except for the singing, this actually makes sense.

You are Uhura

Deanna Troi
Beverly Crusher
James T. Kirk (Captain)
Geordi LaForge
Will Riker
An Expendable Character (Redshirt)
Jean-Luc Picard
Mr. Scott
Mr. Sulu
Leonard McCoy (Bones)
You are a good communicator with a
pleasant soft-spoken voice.
Also a talented singer.

Click here to take the “Which Star Trek character are you?” quiz…


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Thanks for your patience.

– Michael

Book Blurb

Ok, I got an advance reader copy of a book called The Nymphos of Rocky Flats. It’s written by Mario Acevedo and it is his first book. The website is here, but it doesn’t have a whole lot on it (it does have the passage below). What I wanted to post about this book was the blurb on the back. Keep in mind that I haven’t read this book (and haven’t really thought about doing so, as it doesn’t appeal to me that much, but who knows? I might get drunk one night and then it might sound really good). The blurb just made me laugh. That said, I’ve read books before that were fantastic but had horrid back blurbs. Basically, I’m just saying that I’m not judging the book because I haven’t read it. I just found the back funny.


Felix Gomez went to Iraq a soldier. He came back a vampire.

Now a private investigator, he finds himself pulled into a web of intrigue when an old friend prompts him to investigate an outbreak of nymphomania at the secret government facilities in Rocky Flats. He’ll find out the cause of all these horny women or die trying. But first he must contend with the shadowy government agents, Eastern European vampire hunters, and women who just want his body…

Skewering sexual myths, conspiracy fables, and government bureaucracy, The Nymphos of Rocky Flats reveals the bizarre world of the undead with a humorous slant and a fresh twist.

If you know me and are interested, ask me about the copy I have if you want it. The book is coming out in March.

Remember the Swamp Fox!

Farah Mendlesohn, an editor and critic, has announced that she will publish a collection of stories in protest of the law currently being sent through the British Parlament that would ban “the glorification of terrorism”. It has already passed through the House of Commons and now must get through the House of Lords. It’s a big deal and is being strongly oppossed by people from many different political parties and ideologies. This law could quite easily and without any real stretches in interpretation ban many stories that are considered classic. Everything from Star Wars and Robin Hood to stories about the American Revolution could easily been seen to break this law, and thus be banned. Farah Mendlesohn is looking for submissions of stories that would break this law. Submission guidelines and contact information can be found at Notes from Coode Street.

*The title of this post refers to one of my favourite legends of the American Revolution – the Swamp Fox, a very Robin Hood type of figure who hid in the swamps with a band of like-minded men and managed to be a huge annoyance to the local British authorities and an inspiration and rallying point for the local patriots. He could easily be described as a terrorist, we just tend to refer to him as a patriot because the people who have continued to tell his story would have been on the same side of the war as him!

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