Runway Thoughts: Zac Posen

Today I’m looking at a celebrity favourite who has had some great designs in the past. The designer is Zac Posen and I usually find his collections very mixed. This season was no different.


The first half of this collection was oppressively black. There was so much black that it almost started to blurr together. Honestly, I’m pretty sick of black this season. Getting beyond the black, I wasn’t overly impressed by a lot of these designs. Unless there is some great detail hidden in all that black, I’m pretty sure I could go buy that dress from the mall. The shapes were pretty boring overall.


And then we get to this dress. I can’t figure out what Zac Posen could have possibly been thinking with this dress. It is quite possibly one of the most unflattering dresses I’ve seen all season. There is no part of the shape that remotely resembles the female form. It looks like he stuffed that poor girl into an upside-down draw-string bag and cut a hole for her head.


Just as I was about to completely give up hope on this collection I got to this outfit. The skirt is pretty blah, but I really like the blouse. It has shape and volume and generally shows a lot of character. Unfortunately, it also didn’t really fit in with the black dresses and overblown evening gowns that populated the rest of the show. Too bad.

I found the first half of this collection to be mind-numbingly boring and the second half baffling. There were shapeless dresses, feather-decked evening gowns, and shoulder-paded power suits. It was very odd and I felt like there wasn’t a whole lot of cohesion in the show. Parts worked together well, but it was like four shows had been stuck together end to end rather than one coherint show. I was kind of disappointed.

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