Runway Thoughts: Miu Miu

Today I am going to look at the fall 2006 runway collection from Miu Miu. This is a sub-brand of Prada, their “little sister” brand. They said that they wanted this collection to epitomize the “Miu Miu Girl” who is youthful and “angelic”. I can see the youthful, but the angelic part completely escapes me.


I like the shape of this dress and the fabric, but I can’t figure out why there is a bulky sweater under it. It just looks odd (and a little uncomfortable). And is she carrying a lunch box? Do you really want the girls to look *that* youthful? That’s seriously jailbait territory.


Ok, so they weren’t going for subtle or elegant. Remember how I said I missed the whole “angelic” part of the show? It was because of the outfits like this one. One had a coat over it, but the scary top was still visible. I don’t know, this outfit just scares me. It kind of screams “prostitute” to me.


A whole bunch of the models were dressed like this in cute dresses with floppy tops or sweaters under them and everything falling off one shoulder. First off, this does a terrible job of showing people what the clothes look like (which is, in theory, the purpose of a runway show). Besides that, it looks sloppy and unappealing. Of course, the makeup and hair does that too. What’s with the dark lips and stringy hair? What on earth were they going for here?


It seems like if anyone in the fashion world says they were going for youthful you can almost count on their collection having a school girl outfit. In this case, it has way more of an anime schoolgirl feel than a Catholic schoolgirl feel. Again with the scary hypersexualized jailbait thing. It kind of bothers me. Youthful I get, childish I really don’t and the fact that so many designers can’t seem to tell the difference is really scary on a level I never wanted to think about.

Overall, as I’m sure is pretty clear, I didn’t like or really understand this collection. It felt like the designer was going for ten year old prostitute wear. Why would you want that? There are pieces that I could see being great if you put them by themselves and didn’t have the scary freaked out little girl vibe from the makeup and hair, but for the most part the collection is really not up my alley. I’d rather look like a youthful 24-year old than a ten year old with breasts.

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