Runway Thoughts: Basso & Brooke

Today I’m looking at the collection from Basso & Brooke, a design team who usually make not so wearable 80′s inspired clothing covered in crazy coloured prints. Many of those hallmarks are still present in this collection, but we’ve apparently left the eighties for a distopian future and they seem to have gotten a little more wearable in general. Strange combination, but what did I expect from a team that always shows slightly strange collections?


This is totally what the Mad Hatter would wear if he was in the world of the Matrix. Why they opened the show with this, I don’t know. It did make me sit up and take notice. It’s not a forgettable piece. That said, it’s also not that flattering (at least, it wouldn’t be on a real woman). I’m not a big fan of the bright green and black spandex pants. The coat could be cool, but it would need something else paired with it. Like jeans or something. And I just can’t get past the Matrix print.


Every outfit down the runway made me think that it belonged in a crazy dystopian future where technology is amazing and those in power are completely corrupt. There’s probably an underground movement to fight against the Man or against the evil machines that have oppressed the humans. Maybe it’s an alien race that’s oppressing them? Regardless, the humans are largely oppressed and there is a scrappy and resourceful resistance movement in the underground. This dress is some woman’s corporate work outfit. She’s a cog in a much larger evil company that she is only just realizing is evil. She’s going to either die or join the resistance in a scene or two. Doesn’t she look suitably downtrodden and broken by tediousness?


This is our scrappy heroine. She goes on dangerous missions that she has no right to survive, but she somehow does. Maybe she’s geneticly engeneered, or maybe she’s just destined to succeed. Either way, you know that while she may die in the process, she will eventally succeed. This is her “stealthing through the populous” outfit. She blends in wearing it, even though no one else is dressed remotely similarly. It’s the hood that tips you off that she’s stealthing. The open skirt is the sexy detail (because every outfit she wears must have one overtly sexy detail). She’s from a tribe that lives in the badlands and she has a tragic background where her family all died and she had to basically raise herself in a horrible environment. She always looks a little tribal and bitchy as a result. No one but her partner is rude enough to notice. And it’s black because she’s too cool to wear any other colour.


This is the heroine’s partner. She’s the brains of the opperation, but she is useless in a fight. She sabatoges the computer while the scrappy heroine kicks the guards’ butts or creates a loud, bloody distraction three floors down. This is her “infiltration” costume. She’s supposed to be a buisnesswoman at a fancy party for the rich people who control the dystopian community. You know that she works for the underground resistance because her dress is black and slightly edgy, just like you know the powerful evil femme will be in a skin-tight red number with a high slit and the innocent wife of the conniving politician who has no idea what is going on will be in a white goddess gown that isn’t too low-cut and doesn’t have a slit. All the evil high powered men think our infiltrator here is hot, but otherwise she blends in seamlessly (despite standing out like a sore thumb, but she has the same magic the heroine does).

Clearly I had trouble taking this collection seriously. Every attempt that I made to do a serious discussion of the pieces in this collection failed spectacularly, so you get this. Sorry. I hope you got what I thought of each piece anyway. I had a story for most of the pieces in the collection. I don’t think I would wear any of them as presented. I kind of like the Hatter coat in the first picture, but it’s hard to imagine in a different setting and with different pieces. Overall, this was a memorable collection in a not so good way. I’ll go look at it when I need to think about science fiction dystopian costumes, but not for real clothing I might ever wear. Oh well. It was a fun review to write!

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