Runway Thoughts: Richard Nicoll

The collection I’m looking at today is from Richard Nicoll, whom I know next to nothing about. This was his first solo collection. I see potential, and some of the pieces were cool, but overall the collection confused me a lot. I just wasn’t sure what he was trying to achieve.


I have no idea what Nicoll wanted from this outfit. The apron and sleeve puffs and contrasting panels and the military colar all just seem like random things thrown onto the same outfit and the overall effect is just confusing! Why would I want to wear this?


Look, it’s Maria Von Trapp! The color combinations and sleeve puffs and trim details of the early parts of this collection all screamed German or Austrian maidens to me. I mean, it is cute, but also rather costumey. I just can’t say I’d wear it. If I wanted to look like an Austrian maiden I’d by an authentic Austrian dress.


Nicoll said that he was inspired by Victorian housemaids. That’s pretty clear in this one. The high necked blue and white blouse, white apron, and small tie are all pretty classic Victorian housemaid things. And if you look in the background at the model leaving, she has rubber gloves on. Um… ok. The outfits are kinda cute, but why exactly would I want to dress like a Victorian housemaid? I mean, there are great pieces, but it’s hard to see them under aprons and sleeve puffs! I just don’t see what is marketable or practical about this collection.

There were parts of this collection that I thought were cute, but for the most part I didn’t get it. It just didn’t seem like things real women would want to wear.

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