Runway Thoughts: Preen

Today I’m looking at the fall 2006 collection from Preen. After the collection yesterday, I was ready for some real clothing again. Unfortunately, I’m apparently not done with science fiction costumes. Today was less dystopian and more space station.


See! Totally space station wear. The silver metalic fabric and odd straps, even the cut outs on the sides of the skirt, are all science fiction standards. All it needs is a clear plastic panel. The problem is that it looks really uncomfortable. It seems too tight around the bust (I don’t think it has any darts or anything) and the strap across the throat hits at a very strange place. She looks like the dress is trying to choke her! I just couldn’t handle this dress. There were several pieces in the collection that looked worse too.


This dress looks like a robe to me. It just doesn’t look like a dress. There were several coat-dresses like this. I just don’t know where I would wear this. It looks like a robe that might show up on Star Trek.


I have no idea what to say about this dress. The top is bad enough, but the feathers just put it over the top. And the two tufts of feathers on the breasts just add to the strangeness. I really have no idea who would wear this or where. It’s just so incredibly weird! It’s stranger than the feather dresses from Heatherette! At least those dresses looked like you *could* wear them in public, you’d just be stared at a lot. This one is all but unwearable! I have no idea what the designer was thinking!

Overall I was pretty unimpressed with this collection. Everything was in solid colors and many pieces seemed to rely on the silver fabric to make them different. I just felt like I was watching the costume designs from “Zenon 4″ walk by or something!

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