Runway Thoughts: Paul Smith Women

Today I’m looking at the fall 2006 ready-to-wear collection from Paul Smith Women. This show really underwhelmed me.


This outfit looks like something I could buy at the mall. It’s not *designed* at all. The sweater is cute, but has nothing new about it all. The skirt isn’t even fitted well or anything. It really likes like something I could find at Boston Store! I like the look fine, but I don’t know why I would turn to an expensive brand for it when I could find the pieces in town.


Most of the pieces in this collection lacked any tailoring or even fitting details like darts. They were completely shapeless and baggy. Now, they looked very comfortable, but that isn’t everything. You can be comfortable and flattering at the same time!


I don’t quite understand this dress. The neckline is so unflattering. It’s like it wants to be a one shoulder dress, but has that extra strap tacked on for the hell of it. And the contrasting shirt underneath doesn’t help at all.

I wasn’t fond of this collection. It felt disjointed, like there wasn’t any cohesion in the design. I just thought it seemed awfully random. Most of the pieces were either things that I could buy at the mall or vastly unflattering. I was very underwhelmed by this collection. Hopefully the next one will be better.

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