Runway Thoughts: Jill Sander

Today I’m looking at the collection from Jill Sander, a line that is now being designed by a young Belgian man named Raf Simons. I usually adore Jill Sander coats because they have such wonderful details. I even did a paper doll outfit of one! But this collection is very far from that.


This collection, like many of the others of the season, started out oppressively black. So much black that it was frequently hard to see what the models were wearing. Not that it mattered that much, since most of them were wearing fairly boring outfits like this one. There just isn’t anything here to grab me. Nothing at all.


And then we got to the coats. Remember how I said I usually love Jill Sander coats? Well, this collection changed that. I found nothing interesting in these coats. They weren’t flattering, completely lacked any interesting (visable) details, and had nothing to draw the eye. I had to fight to not fall asleep looking at them!


This was the one and only piece in the collection that I found myself really paying much attention to without forcing myself to stare at pictures. I can’t say that I *like* it, but it is interesting. What are those bands under the bust and at the hip? Are they seams? They don’t look like seams. Is the dress more sheer than it appears here and they are solid bands? I don’t know! But I do wonder! If this dress were more fitted to the model, I might actually really like it.


Most of the dresses in the collection were like this. Shapeless and lacking in any interesting details. That’s what really bugged me about this collection. Nothing was attractive and all the cool details I usually like from Jill Sander were completely missing! Why would I wear this? It’s like a black housedress you’d change out of before going out!

I was, obviously, not impressed with this collection. I found it boring and unflattering. And so much black! Would some color really kill us? I usually like Jill Sander, but this collection was pretty awful.

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