Book: Curious George Takes a Job

Curious George Takes a Job
H. A. Rey

This is a really cute and very classic Curious George story. George escapes from the zoo (again) and has a good time until he gets hungry. Then he tries to get some food and ends up washing dishes in a restaurant kitchen. The chief is impressed with him and gets him a job washing windows at an apartment building. He is warned not to pay attention to what is going on inside the apartments as he washes the outside of the windows, but in true George fashion, this lasts about five and a half seconds. Wacky adventures ensue, and the story culminates with the Man in the Yellow Hat retrieving George from a hospital and making a movie about him.

This is a classic H. A. Rey book with wonderful pictures and an adorable story. It had me smiling throughout the whole thing. Every page was a work of art in it’s own little way. I loved the scene where George painted a jungle complete with animals out of furniture and the sequential art style page where he finds a bottle of Ether is brilliant. I also liked that the little dachshund that appears in many of Rey’s illustrations makes several appearances in this book too! The story was coherent (often a quality missing in episodic fiction) and adorable. The movie ending was very cute and worked very well to finish the story.

I like this book a lot. It is cute and fun to read. It has everything that a good Curious George story must have – a fun episodic story full of funny consequences, a happy ending, and adorable artwork that perfectly illustrates George’s adventures. I highly recommend this book. It’s great.

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