Runway Thoughts: Giles

Today I’m looking at the collection from British designer Giles Deacon. His collection is rather wild and questionably wearable, but otherwise pretty cool. If nothing else, it was awfully fun to look at!


Ok, the first thing I thought when I saw this outfit was “Ah! She’s got a Pac-Man ghost on her dress!”. The second thing was “Ah! She’s got a Tribble on her head!”. Once I got over those two things, I managed to actually look at the dress. I’m not wild about the straight, completely not-fitted shape, but for a dress that is all about the graphic on the front, it works. I really can’t explain the hat, but it was way less scary than most of the hats in this collection, even if it does look awfully like a Tribble.


I love this coat. It’s got a great sense of movement. It’s a bit overdramatic, but sometimes that is appropriate and fun. I love the volume. I wouldn’t want to wear it as an everyday coat, but it would make a great coat for special occassions!


This is one of the things that makes the Tribble hat seem normal. The hat seriously looks like sheet metal tacked to the girl’s head. I can’t imagine it being worn. That said, as walking art this outfit is pretty cool. It has sort of a toga mixed with high-tech feel. I like the mix, it’s unusual and cool. But it isn’t that wearable.


And then we got to the evening gown portion of the show. Each one was completely different, which I really liked. It’s fun to see a show where every single outfit is completely different from every other outfit. A few of the evening gowns were ok, if a little bit like walking art (but, as I said above, that doesn’t really bother me). This one is odd because of the stiffness of the bodice. It’s like it doesn’t require breasts, and in fact, they might just be in the way. It doesn’t look comfortable at all. Some of the other designs were much better. They looked moderately comfortable and very artistic and eye catching.

Overall, I enjoyed this collection. I can’t say that I would buy much of it (that coat was probably the only piece I’d really pay money for), but I enjoyed the specticle of it. I liked seeing a show that was purely walking art (and not zombie girls). The collection wasn’t very wearable overall (where would these hats *not* look out of place?), but it was fun to look at. If you get the chance, go look at the whole thing. Each pieces is crazier than the last and all are interesting to look at. If I could have posted every outfit, I would have!

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