Runway Thoughts: Gareth Pugh

Come one, come all! Tonight under the Pixiepalace bigtop we have the fall 2006 runway collection from Gareth Pugh! Sorry for the circus beginning, I just couldn’t resist. You’ll totally understand when you see this collection!


This entire collection (which consists of twelve outfits) seemed very clown inspired. Mime make-up and harelequin diamond costumes were everywhere. This is actually one of the more toned down pieces. I love the clown collar in particular on this one.


This outfit would be nothing without the hat. I mean, it’s probably almost three feet tall! The leotard helps round out the circus image. I think the designer might have been going for more of a carneval feel, but I think he missed a little bit.


This is my favourite outfit. It’s a big walking balloon animal! Haven’t you always wanted to dress up as a balloon animal that can’t remotely be identified (a bunny maybe?)? No? Me neither. But apparently you can buy such an outfit ready to wear (because that was exactly what the world was lacking).

I really wasn’t able to take this collection seriously. It’s funny, go look at it. And it’s short. In fact, that may be my favourite part of the whole thing – it was only twelve outfits long!

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