Small People Game Too!

As many of you probably know, Kingdom Hearts II came out on Tuesday. I really liked Kingdom Hearts, so I was pretty excited to get it. I’ve been playing it for the last two days and generally enjoying myself. But there is one problem. The controller isn’t really designed with me in mind *at all*. I have tiny hands – barely six inches from my wrist to the tip of my middle finger. I can reach only a seven note span on a standard piano keyboard (this drove my high school piano teacher crazy since all the best pieces apparently require you to be able to reach an octive). I can hold the controller, but it’s very hard for me to reach the trigger buttons, the top and inside pad buttons (triangle and square), and the joysticks. In fact, it is physically impossible for me to reach any of the useful buttons at the same time as any of the other useful buttons with the same hand. This is a bit of a problem. It is difficult for me to reach the triangle button, so my hands have to stretch a lot to reach it, and since the game uses it for everything except actually attacking things, my hands start to really hurt after about half an hour of play. Luckilly, so far the game has had lots of cut scenes when I can rest my hand. Cut scenes are not the stuff of good gameplay, though. In fact, they are kind of boring much of the time. They are part of why I have never been able to get through a Final Fantasy game.

I don’t play a lot of console games. And sometimes I’ll think “hm… I wonder why that is?”, since I really like console games much of the time. There are lots of good ones out there (and Michael gets nearly all of them at this point). And then I sit down to play one. And I remember why I don’t play them very often. It hurts to play them! I get hand cramps! And I always have problems because I can’t get to a button when I need it! So why aren’t there more controllers for small people out there? Some are so big that I have to put them on the floor or my lap and use them like a keyboard (and forget about even trying to use the trigger buttons). I even pulled a muscle in my left hand once using a console controller (I think it was a “small” XBox one, but it might have been a GameCube or PS2 controller). It’s not even easy to find out if a controller is small unless I can actually touch it! Why don’t descriptions of controllers include dimensions? I’ve never found a website that sells console controllers that tells you how big they are, but several will give you the dimensions of the boxes they come in. Too bad the box size rarely has that much to do with the controller size.

If anyone knows of any good *small* controllers for consoles (particularly PS2, but I’d like to play games on other systems too and we have all the current major consoles), please let me know! Or if you’ve tried a controller and had any noticable reaction to it’s size (either found it to be little or found it to be big), I’m interested in hearing about it!

And if you work for a company that makes/supplies/has anything to do with a game console parts company, please try and remember that small people want to game too! And usually would be willing to pay real money for controllers that fit them!

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