Runway Thoughts: Emma Cook

I know that I took a break for a while from reviewing things, but now I’m back at it. Today I’m looking at the 2006 fall runway collection from Emma Cook. I’m not sure that I’ve ever seen Emma Cook’s designs before (at least, not and recognized them as such).


A lot of this collection was very reminicent of the 1920s. It all had a nice, modern twist to it, but couldn’t you totally see Daisy from The Great Gatsby wearing this outfit? I could. I like the look, it works on tall stick-thin models who have no breasts. I’m not sure how it would work on a three-dimensional woman, though.


I love the scalloped edge detailing on this dress. It’s so pretty. The whole pattern feels very lace-like and almost organic to me, but with a touch of stained-glass. I’m not wild about the sleeve length, but otherwise I think it’s very pretty.


This is another dress that is very 1920s! I love the pairing with the shoes, they feel just right for this dress. It’s very slip-like and simple, but also has that touch of daring from the 1920s and just makes me think of flapper girls. I like this dress a lot.

There was a lot that I liked about this collection, but little that I would actually wear. It’s a great, modernized 1920s collection, but 1920s just aren’t me. They are perfect designs for models and tall skinny girls with no breasts, but for most women they just end up looking not-quite-right.

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