Coming Soon…

Hi everybody! I’m back from vacation and have spent the last few days moving. This has been one hell of a week. Oh, and my headache protests airports, airplanes, cold, pressure changes, moving, dust, and just about everything else this week, so it’s been really hard on that front too. It doesn’t help that somehow my regular nighttime medicine ended up being left at the old apartment for our first night in the new one. Anyway, hopefully that will all be under control soon and the moving will be done sometime tomorrow, so life should start getting back to it’s normal rhythm. I hope. I adore the new apartment, though! It’s incredibly awesome! And this vacation was one of the best I’ve had in recent years. I had a blast! I’ll try and post about it soon.

Anyway, I do have a few things planned that should be coming up soon here. I have a new paper doll outfit that will be scanned and posted as soon as it is found (in a box somewhere) and the scanner gets hooked up again. I also have a review of Bone to write and post for the Blogger’s Book Club and that should be coming soon (hopefully this weekend). I had a really great doll that I was working on too, but my computer saved it wrong when it crashed just before we left and it pretty much got destroyed, so I have to start over and it’s going to take some time. Hopefully I can recreate it! I’m also planning to post about the new home, vacation and possibly how much I hate hold music.

So, I should be around and back to posting soon! I have a ton of books to review!


Bye everybody!  I’m going on vacation for a week!  I might update with a book post or something while I’m gone, but that’s about it.  Everyone have a great week!

New Book Blog!

I know that few people read my book blog, but for those who do, it has moved! It is now located at and is linked off the sidebar under “My Other Pages”. I decided that I wanted it under Word Press rather than LiveJournal.

For those who don’t know, my book blog is where I discuss book as I’m reading them. I write about what I’m thinking, how I am reacting to the book, and how I’m enjoying (or not enjoying) the book. It gets very nerdy sometimes as well as quite spoilerific. If you really want to know how I read and what goes through my head as I do so, though, it’s a pretty good account of it. Anyway, I’m excited that it’s moved and plan to continue using it for a very long time to come!

Site Updates, New Dolls

There have been a bunch of site updates lately that I have completely forgotten to post, so here are the ones I remember! Weeee!

There are movie lessons up for four new movies.

Bright Young Things:

- Men are dumb, don’t trust them with important things like money, they will mess it up
- Don’t marry, get engaged to or otherwise even associate with men who will either sell or buy you, your children or both
- Don’t let rich debutantes who don’t normally drive cars drive your race car. It’s bound to be bad for both the debutante and the race car (not to mention your standings in the race)
- If your father is the prime minister or otherwise important, don’t bring home your friends after a party for a drink and let them spend the night (especially if their reputations are less than spotless)

The Sword in the Stone:

- Your beard should never be so long that it can wrap around your head, it’s just asking for trouble
- Don’t turn into a squirrel during mating season, it’s just asking for trouble
- Small things will always defeat big things in the end

V for Vendetta:

- Remember remember important events in history or they will be repeated
- Don’t oppress people or they will rise up against you
- Don’t follow crazy religious fanatics, it’s really just a bad idea

X-Men III: The Last Stand:

- Don’t run races with girls who can phase through solid objects
- Don’t piss off women who can call down lightning on your head
- Don’t play with things that can cause your powers to disappear, even if you just intend to use them on someone else
- Don’t leave behind the woman who knows all your secrets

The lyrics to “Boom, Da Boom” from the episode “Pete’s One Man Show” of House of Mouse. It’s funny. Go read it. Also from House of Mouse (from the episode “Ask Von Drake”) is Von Drake’s list of where everyone sits. Again, it’s very funny. And it took me a very long time to transcribe it all, so go read it. I also have the answers Mickey got when he asked “What would you like for Christmas?” in the episode “Pete’s Christmas Caper” from House of Mouse.  There is also now a growing page of the “Brought to you by” messages from the end of each House of Mouse episode. The products they come up with are great and Mic’s little speaches about them are very funny. I wish I could include screenshots, but I don’t know how to do that.

There is now a page for book clubs. I’m only an active participant in one right now, and only one book has been read by that group, but there are links up to people’s thoughts about Evelyn Waugh’s Vile Bodies, so if you are interested check them out. The next book up is Bone by Fae Myenne Ng.

There is now a page listing all the profiles of famous historical women that I’m working on (two have been posted so far). More will come, but they should all be blogged too, so it’s just there for reference. There are a lot of women on my list, so more should be coming soon!

There are several new dolls today too. The first is a pretty doll inspired by a piece of art that I can’t find anymore by Clio Chiang. It ended up pretty different from the original art (I totally couldn’t do the hair and you could only see the girl from the waist up or so), but I love how it turned out. The next doll is another one from Season 2 of Project Runway. This one is Diana Eng’s design from the first challenge (the muslin one). I like how the neckline detail turned out. Otherwise it doesn’t look that interesting. The next one is Dorothy in her blue and white gingham from The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum. I think that she turned out well. The lady in the lovely red gown is based on some old fashioned pin-up art by Gil Elvgren. I’m not entirely happy with her, but overall I think that she turned out ok. Fifth I have a cute pirate-ish girl who reminds me of Ramona Quimby (from Beverly Cleary’s books), but is actually based on some sketches by Deanna Marsigliese. I love her hair. I’m almost never proud of hair, but I’m really proud of hers. The last doll is a little odd. I was looking at some pictures of Princess Zelda from the Legend of Zelda games (thinking about the shiny new one coming out with the Wii) and I thought she had some very 1920ish elements to her costume. Don’t ask. Anyway, I decided to play with the idea and this doll is the result. Like I said, it’s a little odd and didn’t turn out quite as I would have liked, but overall I like her. She’s unique. Anyway, they will all appear on the correct pages soon and if you click on them they will take you to the website of their basemaker.
Chinese New Year DollDiana Eng Episode 1DorothyPretty Red Pin-UpPirate GirlZelda 1920s

Favourite Characters

Lucy and TumnusRecently I came across NPR’s list of the 100 best fictional characters of the twentieth century through SLJ’s blog.  I have a few issues with the list (of the top ten, two are female), but don’t really care enough about it to want to write about them all.  It did get me thinking about fictional characters, though.  How did they choose this list?  Who did they consult?  If you asked 1,000 people who their favourite literary character was how many duplicates could you realisticly expect to get?  I mean, when they chose the best fiction book of the twentieth century it won with something like 25 votes out of a very large number of total votes (500 maybe?).  Anyway, I started wondering what people would say to that question.  And then, why are they your favourite character?

For me this is an easy question.  My favourite character is, and pretty much always has been, Lucy Pevensie from the Narnia series by C. S. Lewis.  The books have never really been my favourite books, since other stories and worlds have spoken to me more eloquently than Narnia, but Lucy has always been incredibly special to me.  I identify with her more than any other character that I know of.  There are lots of reasons that I love Lucy.  She is curious, creative, strong, brave and compassionate.  She stands up for herself and for those she loves.  It is her playfulness that opens up Narnia to the four Pevensie children and her valor that shines during her reign as queen of Narnia.  She does what few other fictional children who we also see as adults do – she stays clearly the same person as an adult, she just gets more mature and strong.  Many people accuse Lewis of sexism in his books, but I have trouble believing that because of Lucy.  She breaks all the sexist images that are pointed out in Narnia and is clearly Lewis’s favourite of the children.  She is always identified as the most special.  Perhaps he identified with Lucy too.  I honestly can’t say that I’m terribly much like Lucy (it’s hard for me to really make that comparison), but I have always wanted to be like her.  She speaks to me like no other character has ever done.  As much as I love Eilonwy, Dorothy, Piglet, Irene, Elizabeth Bennet, Natasha Rostov and others, none have ever spoken to me like Lucy has.  She is special.

Do you have a favourite fictional character?  Why are they your favourite?  I’d love to hear what people have to say!