Cricket: Map Inspiration

Cricket 34/1This month’s Cricket Magazine has a really awesome map on the cover (only half of which can be seen in the picture here – it wraps all the way around). I love a good map, so I was pretty excited about that. I was even more excited, however, when I opened up the magazine and found out why the map is there! They gave this map to some great fantasy writers (Lloyd Alexander, Tamora Pierce and Nancy Etchemendy) and had them each write a short story set within it. Isn’t that cool? They are calling it a “shared world experiment”. It doesn’t stop there, either. Each month the magazine runs a contest (poetry, short stories or visual art of some kind) and this month’s contest is to write a story in this world. I really look forward to reading the winners of that one! I have no idea if this is stopping here or if they are going to do anything else with it, but I don’t really care. I think it’s a really cool idea. I love the map (the back adds more cities, a desert and a great wall type feature, among other things) and I love seeing different takes on it. My first thought after a good long look at the map was that it would make a great place to run a role playing game! I really hope that Carus Publishing sells copies of this map without the bar code or address label that invariably comes on the magazine. I would totally buy one. I love this kind of thing and would really like to see more of it. It’s also a great map. I’m definitely going to keep an eye out for the illustrator from now on, his name is David Wyatt and he seems incredibly talented!

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