The Wonderful Wizard of Warcraft

WoW Ruby Slippers StatisticsI am ever amused by the places where to the The Wonderful Wizard of Oz pop up, but a fantasy-based massively mutiplayer online roleplaying game was not one of the places where I ever expected to find a full-fledged Oz parody! Evidently, the storytellers and programmers at Blizzard decided organizing a high level raid in the World of Warcraft Burning Crusade expansion around killing Dorothy, her three friends from that first book and even the Wicked Witch was a great idea. And really, who am I to argue? If I had a character of a high enough level I’d be right there trying it! I totally want a pair of those ruby slippers (despite the fact that I haven’t logged into the game in months). Alas, my poor little rogue is only around twentieth level or so (I can’t even remember, really, but she’s nowhere near 70, so it hardly matters).

The encounter takes place in an opera house and in theory the characters are players in a production, but it is a production you can’t get out of without killing them and they don’t go down without quite a fight. I love the quips they throw out during the fight! Tinhead says “I could really use a heart. Say, can I have yours?” while the best tactic with the cowardly lion is evidently to have a warlock in your party who constantly casts “Fear” on him! The whole thing sounds like a riot (keeping in mind that I’m not actively trying to keep a character alive here, just enjoying the spectacle). After defeating Dorothy and her friends, you have to defeat the Wicked Witch and her cyclone!

There is a nice write up of the whole encounter here at Blizzplanet. It’s a bit heavy on technical details, since it’s designed as a manual for those actually going through the encounter, but it gives a good picture of the scene and the technobabble should be easy for laymen to skip. There’s a video at the end if you’re interested that lets you see the scene itself. It’s long, but if you fast forward through parts you can see it without having to watch all of the fight (although the fight is interesting because you get to hear all of the Oz character’s comments). Most interesting of all are the treasures player characters are rewarded with at the end, like the ruby slippers detailed in the image above. They are all clearly Oz inspired and highly amusing!

This amused me a lot and I just had to share it! I hope it amuses other people as much as it does me!

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