Poetry Friday: Dancing Poem

Pointe SlippersReading On Pointe and The Phoenix Dance, which both have lots and lots of dancing in them (no shock there) has put me in the mood for dancing myself! I’m not a good dancer (I have terrible rhythm and balance), but I love watching other people do it and I love to dance around by myself when no one else can see. So today I’m celebrating dancers and their marvelous feet with this poem by William de Lancey Ellwanger.

To Jessie’s Dancing Feet

How as a spider’s web is spun
With subtle grace and art,
Do thy light footsteps, every one,
Cross and recross my heart!
Now here, now there, and to and fro,
Their winding mazes turn;
Thy fairy feet so lightly go
They seem the earth to spurn.
Yet every step leaves there behind
A something, in thy dance,
That serves to tangle up my mind
And all my soul entrance.

How, as the web the spiders spin
And wanton breezes blow,
Thy soft and filmy laces in
A swirl around thee flow!
The cobweb ‘neath thy chin that’s crossed
Remains demurely put,
While those are ever whirled and tossed
That show thy saucy foot;
That show the silver grayness of
Thy stockings’ silken sheen,
And mesh of snowy skirts above
The silver that is seen.

How, as the spider, from his web,
Dangles in light suspense,
Do thy sweet measures’ flow and ebb
Sway my enraptured sense!
Thy fluttering lace, thy dainty airs,
Thy every charming pose-
There are not more alluring snares
To bind me with than those.
Swing on! Sway on! With easy
Grace thy witching steps repeat!
The love I dare not – to thy face -
I offer at thy feet.

Go out and dance in the marvelous spring weather!

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