Random Thoughts

I finished The Phoenix Dance yesterday and I love love loved it!  I have a lot of thoughts about, but I’m still working them out, so we’ll see when I actually get around to writing them out nicely and posting them (hopefully this week sometime).  I think this has been one of my favorite books in a while, which is really something since I’ve read some great books recently!

Anyway, today is Mother’s Day!  I’m going to have lunch with my mother this afternoon.  The hardest part about having lunch with my mother on days like this is keeping her from helping!  I finally gave in a said she could make the rolls and Michael gave me a very hard time about it.  But it’s just the rolls, right?

I’m going to take her to see the new Nancy Drew movie when it comes on in June.  I don’t have terribly high hopes for it, but we have to go see it anyway.  My mother has a complete collection of the original Nancy Drew books from the 1930s and those were what I read when I grew up.  Nancy will always wear a cloche hat in my mind!  So even though this movie can’t possibly be the real Nancy, we have to check it out anyway.  It’s one of those things.  It’s like how Michael has to play the new Shadowrun video game, even though he knows it won’t really be Shadowrun.  It’s one of those things.

Anyhow, Happy Mother’s Day everyone!  Have a great day and hopefully I’ll be back tomorrow with something more coherent!

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