Gaming With Kids

Over the past several years I’ve grown very interested in kids’ gaming. I’m primarily interested in gaming other than video games, although those do interest me as well. It’s just that finding a way into tabletop gaming, LARPing and even serious board gaming is harder that video games. So I’m interested in how kids get involved in it, who gets involved in it and why, and how they experience it once they are playing.

I got into tabletop games when I was about 12. I started with Advanced Dungeons and Dragons (boy, do I wish 3rd Ed. had existed then!) and I played with a girl in my class and her siblings. I didn’t know anyone else who gamed at the time. But I loved gaming. It was the most amazing thing! I could actually be someone else in a whole different world and I wasn’t just a random someone else – I was a hero who actually accomplished things! How awesome is that?

I have a coworker who has a daughter who sounds like she would adore gaming, but it doesn’t sound like she has anyone to introduce her to it. I don’t really know what to do about that. The daughter is eleven, which is a great age to start, but she needs someone to show her it’s there. Her parents aren’t gamers. Her mom isn’t afraid of it or anything like that, but she has no experience with it at all. I’d love to give her a PHB or something and tell her about it, but I have only met the girl herself a couple of times. I know she’d be into it because of what the mom has said. I’ve asked the mom if she thinks the girl would like gaming and she says she would, but she doesn’t really think anything more of it because she can’t show her herself. It just makes me excited to think there might be another girl gamer out there and sad to think she might miss being one for lack of ever finding out it exists.

I thought of all this because I worked with this mother last night and she talked about her kids and then I read this great article this morning. Michael suggested I print out the article for the mom. Maybe I’ll do that.

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