Goodbye Lloyd Alexander!

Lloyd AlexanderThis morning, May 17, 2007, Lloyd Alexander died at the age of eighty-three. He was an amazing author and will be sorely missed. Personally, he’s my favorite author. His Prydain series are my favorite books of all time. My grandmother gave me the series when I was seven and I’ve read them every six months or so ever since (my books have literally been loved to pieces, I really need new copies but can’t bear to replace the ones I have!). His stories for Cricket magazine were always among my favorites and I often have turned to his fantasy novels when I wanted something interesting to read that I knew would be good. Recently I’ve been reading the Prydain books to my husband and he has been enjoying them as well. Watching him realize the magic of Lloyd Alexander’s writing has been wonderful for me. I have friends who share my passion for this author and I know they will be as sad as I am to hear of his death. He will be sorely missed, but most definitely not forgotten! His books are at to top of the list of books I plan to share with my children and have often featured in my academic papers. Alexander’s work is very much a part of my life and he will always be remembered, at least in my little corner of the world!

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