I Want One!

Betsy at Fuse posted about this great blanket on her blog and after checking out the pictures on the website, I totally want one!  They don’t appear to be actually for sale (nothing this cool ever actually is), but I could make one if I could figure out a way to get the words on to the fabric.  I love that the story appears to be “Sleeping Beauty”!  How appropriate!

book blanket

It’s practical too.  The pages turn, so you can decide how much blanket you want covering you (how many pages).  If you’re cold, pull the whole book over you, but if you’re hot, just one page!  What a great idea!  This could be great for Michael and I, since I’m always cold and he’s always hot.

I may make one with pictures or something.  I could make one that tells a story through pictures and then I wouldn’t have to worry about transferring words onto the fabric somehow.  This could be an interesting project.

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