Poetry Friday: Puppy and I

Christopher RobinToday we’re dogsitting for my parents and their cute little five pound puffball reminded me of my favorite puppy poem from A. A. Milne! This is just the first and last verse, but I do recommend checking out the whole thing if you haven’t read it since Milne’s verses are simply marvelous! He’s possibly my favorite poet ever. This one is from When We Were Very Young.

Puppy and I

I met a Man as I went walking;
We got talking,
Man and I.
“Where are you going to, Man?” I said
(I said to the Man as he went by).
“Down to the village, to get some bread.
Will you come with me?” “No, not I.”


I met a Puppy as I went walking;
We got talking,
Puppy and I.
“Where are you going this nice fine day?”
(I said to the Puppy as he went by).
“Up in the hiss to roll and play.”
I’ll come with you, Puppy,” said I.

I wish I could join them too! Especially on a day as nice as today! Join the rest of the poetry round-up over at HipWriterMama today and see what everyone else is sharing!

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