Meme: Interview Me!

Kalinara over at Pretty, Fuzzy Paradise has an amusing meme going and I decided to participate. I let her ask me any five questions she wanted, and below are the questions and answers! If you want to participate, the rules for how to do so are after my interview!

1. If you were doing an comic book related RPG, who would you most want to play?

Hmm… I’d really want to play Batgirl (Barbara Gordon’s version – much as I like Cass, I’m not wild about playing characters who never talk) because I think it would be fun to play a character who doesn’t actually have any superpowers. If I was to play someone with powers, I’d probably go with Black Canary just because she’s not as all-powerful as Supergirl or Wonder Woman and that gives me more to work with.

2. If you were to design your dream role-playing game scenario, what would you like it to have?

That’s a hard one. I almost don’t know how to answer. I like role playing situations with lots to work with, though, so parties are good – lots of people and lots going on. It depends a lot on the game and the players involved.

3. What’s the most ridiculous storyline element you can think of in Dungeons and Dragons?

My first instinct with this one was to say “orc and pie”, but it’s way too cliche! I think anything with an ooze is pretty ridiculous. D&D lends itself so well to the ridiculous and stupid in storytelling – cities in volcanoes that then erupt (thanks again, Michael, for not letting that happen!), people who refuse to see the obvious until it literally jumps out and eats them (no, our town isn’t right outside a dragon’s cave, why would you suggest such a thing?), etc. It’s almost easier to come up with ridiculous stories in the D&D worlds than logical ones. Really, why would anyone live near a goblin village? They wouldn’t. But if they didn’t, there’d be nothing for low-level adventurers to do, so someone must live there!

4. Who’s your favorite character that you’ve played in an RPG?

Verana Telemaite, an elven rogue that I played in the first half of the recently finished Shackled City campaign that my husband, Michael ran. Verana was great. Part of the reason I enjoyed her so much was that she was not only a great character in her own right, but one of my very best friends was playing her twin brother, Maeglin, and having him to play off of was a blast. I’d never had an in-game familial relationship like that before and it was awesome. For more information about the game and about Verana and Maeglin than you could ever want, check out the very awesome wiki that we’ve made about the game.

5. Bottled or Tap Water.

Tap. I’m Midwestern and practical.


Ok, so if you want to join the meme, here’s how!

1. Leave a comment asking to be interviewed.
2. I will respond by asking you five questions. They won’t necessarily (in fact, they won’t likely) be the same questions that I was asked, or that I ask anyone else.
3. Then update your blog with the answers to the questions.
4. At the end of your interview, include this explanation (or something similar) and offer to interview someone else.
5. When other people comment asking to be interviewed, ask them five questions!

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