“I Want to Play Her”: Leader of the Pack

Traitor to the BloodThis is another image that surprised me. It’s the cover of a book that I never would have noticed if it hadn’t been faced out on the bookshelves at work, but it was and the image totally caught my attention. The woman on the cover first and foremost looks in command. The man behind her appears to be looking to her to see where they are going or what they are doing next. The entire image evokes a pack mentality, with her as the leader of the pack. She is heavily armed and reasonably armored. Everything about this image suggests competence, although as I think about it all I really have to indicate that is the trust placed in her by her companion. But really, that’s probably all I need. The guy behind her is more heavily armored, but given the differences between abilities and preferences with armor (as well as possibly class restrictions), that is not actually a big deal. She’s more than reasonably well armed for me to believe that her lesser armor isn’t an indication of her being a lesser warrior. She definitely presents a desirable avatar, particularly as this is clearly a woman in a position of leadership and that isn’t something I see often in art. This is definitely an appealing piece of art and certainly made me say “I want to play her”. I can’t say I’ll ever base a character off it, but the idea of strong woman leader who doesn’t necessarily need to be also a knight in shining armor (thus justifying her position as leader) is something I could see making a character out of.

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