Birthday Presents!

The High KingToday is my 26th birthday (the 22nd of June, so it’s just barely my birthday) and my wonderful husband got me the best present! I just had to share. He got me a whole new set of the Prydain books by Lloyd Alexander – all five books and The Foundling, which is the companion short story collection that I’ve actually never owned! My copies are very well-loved and very much falling apart. I recently read the books to him (because he somehow missed them growing up, which I thought was a great travesty) and it was quite a challenge, what with pages falling out everywhere and things. I’m pretty excited. I even like these new covers (mine are dreadful ones from the mid-eighties)! I’m going to keep mine because they are very special. Anything that survives forty some readings and countless tears (I sob every time I read The High King) over the course of almost twenty years definitely does not deserve to be thrown out. But now I have new copies for the next time I decide to read through the series (which, knowing me, will be in a couple of months or less). It’s interesting, these new versions have maps and pronunciation guides! Mine had no such helpful inclusions. I did discover that my internal map of Prydain looks nothing like the “official” one. I highly doubt I can handle changing it now, either, so I’ll probably just ignore the maps for the most part, but they are still vaguely interesting! Yay! Happy Birthday to me! Thanks, sweetheart!

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