Movie: Nancy Drew

Nancy DrewLast week my mother and I went to see the new Nancy Drew movie. My mom has a collection of original Nancy Drew books that I read through eagerly when I was a kid and I still remember Nancy and her adventures fondly. I was really worried about this movie, though, because for me, Nancy’s stories are set in the 1930s and she wears a cloche hat and often gloves. The trailers for this movie looked hardly anything like the Nancy that lives in my memory. I was pleasantly surprised, however, when Emma Roberts managed to ooze Nancy. She was everything I remembered, but dressed more modernly and with an updated vocabulary. She was still the girl who pulled no punches when it came to following clues and solving a mystery, who was careful not to break rules as she did so, and who needed no guy along to help her! I was thrilled that she got kidnapped and saved herself (Nancy was always getting kidnapped and saving herself one way or another, although the movie kidnappers seemed extra dumb to me since they didn’t even tie her up)! The mystery was interesting and the pacing of the movie was good. Best of all, this movie seems to have revitalized interest in the books. I wish the originals were still in print, rather than the sixties rewrites, but I guess I can’t have everything (and a reprint of the first book did just come out, but I’m not sure if it’s the rewrite with the original cover or an actual reprint). Anyway, it’s a highly entertaining movie. I definitely recommend it, especially for fans of the books or for anyone wanting a movie about a self-reliant girl! It’s worth watching and a lot of fun!

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