Poetry Friday: Danish Nursery Rhyme

The Three PrincessesToday I felt like sharing a funny Danish nursery rhyme. I always liked reading this one when I was a child (it’s in a collection we had growing up). The best part was always saying the names out loud!

There once was a King
who had three daughters.
The oldest he called

The second he called
Sip sippernip!
But the youngest of all he called
Sip sippernip sip sirumsip!

Not far away lived another King
who had three sons.
The oldest was called

The second was called
Skrat skratterat!
But the youngest of all was called
Skrat skratterat skrat skrirumskrat!

Now by and by
the two Kings got together,
the King who had three daughters
and the King who had three sons,
and decided that their children
should marry.
And married they were!

Sipsippernip got Skratskratterat
Sipsippernipsipsirumsip got Skratskratteratskratskrirumskrat.

As simple as that!

Have a great Friday everybody! The round-up is over at Shaken & Stirred, so go check it out!

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