Poetry Friday: Kissing Day!

Scottish DancersToday is Kissing Day, so I decided I had to share a poem about kissing! In digging through my books of poetry the one the most amused me was by Robert Burns, a Scottish poet. It sounded to me like a song and I have a serious weakness for celtic-style songs, so I decided to share it. I hope you like it too!

Kissing My Kate

O, merry hae I been teethin a heckle
An merry hae I been shapin a spoon!
O, merry hae I been cloutin a kettle,
An kissin my Katie when a’ was done!
O, a’ the lang day I ca’ at my hammer,
An a’ the lang day I whistle and sing!
O, a’ the lang night as happy’s a king!
Bitter in dool, I lickit my winnins
O marrying Bess, to gie her a slave:
Blest be the hour she cool’d in her linens
And blythe be the bird that sings on her grave
Come to my arms, my Katie, my Katie,
An come to my arms, and kiss me again!
Drunken or sober, here’s to thee, Katie,
An blest be the day I did it again!

I hope everybody has a great day, make sure to kiss somebody you love extra times today! The round-up is over at Farm School, so go check it out!

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