“I Want to Play Her”: The Pirate Queen

GraniaI was drawn to the cover of Morgan Llywelyn’s book Grania because the pirate woman looks powerful and independent, but is not sexualized in any of the typical ways. The art is done by Gregory Manchess and I love it. The woman is clearly a competent sailor (if she wasn’t, she wouldn’t be standing with her leg up on the edge of the ship like that), an image further reinforced by her very practical outfit. Nothing is feminine at all about what she’s wearing – it’s a perfectly typical sailor’s outfit that you might see on a man, it’s just on a woman this time. The pose also suggests that she’s in command (or capable of being so). She’s armed, but not heavily so. She’s prepared, but she’s also aware that she’s not likely to need heavy arms on a ship probably primarily peopled with allies. She’s practical. All of these qualities are attractive ones in a potential character – especially a short term one (this woman would make a great character for a one-shot or a three to four session game).

This piece of art has been added to the “I Want to Play Her” page under “Role Playing Games”.

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