Poetry Friday: To Market

A Fairy Went A-MarketingI know it’s been a few weeks since I’ve posted. I’ve been doing some work on other parts of the website, though, so I haven’t been completely absent (I’ve just been kind of focused on that). I have a number of books piled up next to the computer to review now, so I’ll try and get back into posting regularly in the next week or so.

Today I wanted to share a fun old poem about a fairy. There isn’t really much of a reason why I chose this poem other than that I like it. It’s cute and has some great images, but it isn’t terribly well known anymore.

A Fairy Went A-Marketing

A fairy went a-marketing -
She bought a little fish;
She put it in a crystal bowl
Upon a golden dish.
An hour she sat in wonderment
And watched its silver gleam,
And then she gently took it up
And slipped it in a stream.

A fairy went a-marketing -
She bought a coloured bird;
It sang the sweetest, shrillest song
That ever she had heard.
She sat beside its painted cage
And listened half the day,
And then she opened wide the door
And let it fly away.

A fairy went a-marketing -
She bought a winter gown
All stitched about with gossamer
And lined with thistledown.
She wore it all the afternoon
With prancing and delight,
Then gave it to a little frog
To keep him warm at night.

A fairy went a-marketing -
She bought a gentle mouse
To take her tiny messages,
To keep her tiny house.
All day she kept its busy feet
Pit-patting to and fro,
And then she kissed its silken ears,
Thanked it, and let it go.

This poem is by Rose Fyleman. I hope you enjoyed it! For more great poems check out the round-up over at HipWriterMama!

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