“I Want to Play Her”: War Leader

Dragons of a Fallen SunNormally I hate the covers of Dragonlance books. They typically have few token women and those are generally either dressed in flowing gowns or largely naked with just little bits of strategically placed fur and chain mail they seem to be considering armor. I never understood the fur loincloths thing. I know it was the fashion for the best and brightest on He-Man, but even there the warrior women didn’t wear them! Anyhow, being as that is what I’m used to from Dragonlance covers, you can bet that I was pretty surprised when I came across Matt Stawicki‘s cover for Dragons of a Fallen Sun (a book I’ve never even read, by the way). It has a knight, fully clad in full-plate armor, sitting proudly atop her noble steed who is likewise wearing plated barding. This woman looks like she could hold her own, but is actually probably the leader of a platoon or something. In the background is what appears to be a landscape being devastated by lava. An idyllic city rests at the base of the lava-streaked mountains and right behind the woman’s horse is a flowing river of red lava. This is not a happy, fuzzy scene where bunnies frolic. This is the cite of destruction and devastation. This is a place where a warrior and leader like the woman pictured is really needed and can really make a difference. And doesn’t she look like she could make that difference, even if things are bad right now? I’d believe in her. I’d love to play her. She’s a great almost iconic image of a war leader.

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