Meme: Questions from Trudy White

It’s quiz time! Trudy White posed five questions over at Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast and there have been some awesome answers so far. I love the questions, so I’m going to play too!

1. How would someone find you in a crowd?

With difficulty. I’m tiny (5 foot nothing) and tend to disappear among all the tall people. That said, you could always look for the hole among the heads, I’m probably there! Or you could listen for me. I’m often talking animatedly about something. But in a crowd that’s probably less reliable than one would like.

2. If your house had a secret room, what would be in there?

Books! And more books! And maybe a place to sit and some light. And a bowl of peppermint candies. And the air pressure and temperature would be regulated. And there would be pillows perfectly propped up so when I was sitting I could rest my head and neck comfortably and still be able to read. But mostly there’d be books.

3. Where do you like to walk from your house?

Nowhere. Not that I don’t like to walk, I do. I just prefer to walk with no destination in mind. I like going on walks and just enjoying the walk itself. If I need to get somewhere, I usually just want to be there already unless it’s really really nice out.

4. How will you change as you grow up?

Um… I have no idea? I think not knowing is part of the fun of growing up. Hopefully I’ll get more organized, but I somehow doubt it. Ideally my headache will stop.

5. What sort of animal would you like to be?

Something little and cute. Maybe a puppy or a tiny lapdog who isn’t yappy, just cute and fluffy. I don’t know. It would be fun to be able to fly too, but I don’t think I’d make a very good bird.

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