Book: The Qwikpick Adventure Society

The Qwikpick Adventure SocietyThe Qwikpick Adventure Society
Sam Riddleburger
2007 (Dial/Penguin)

What is there to do on Christmas Day if you don’t have celebrating to do? That’s the problem faced by the Qwikpick Society (Lyle, Marilla and Dave). They decide that rather than sit around in the Qwikpick (where Lyle’s parents work) watching movies in the break room, they’re going to go on an adventure. The best thing they can come up with for an adventure is to go visit the local Wastewater Treatment Plant, which is about to be completely renovated. The renovation will remove the “poop fountain” that is part of the workings of the plant and the fountain is going to be turned off in just a few days, so the kids decide to go visit it before it gets shut off for good and no one ever gets to see it again. What follows is a very eventful series of events involving a lot of trouble and a big mess!

I really didn’t think I was going to enjoy this book nearly as much as I did. I mean, it’s about a poop fountain. Normally, things like that don’t entertain me that much. This book, however, had me entertained from the first page all the way through the last. I still maintain that I never want to see a poop fountain, but I did love the adventure and it would have been seriously missing something without the poop.

Part of the charm of this book was in the format. It’s written as if the kids wrote it themselves, recording their adventure right after it happened in an effort to make sure it gets remembered. The pages are laid out in a font that looks like a typewriter font, which fits, since they supposedly wrote this out using an old typewriter in the Qwikpick break room, and there are “photographs” throughout as well as notebook pages with various types of handwriting adding in bits and pieces from each kid’s individual point of view. It’s a great piece of work, even just looking at the layout. I loved the addition of the lined notebook paper. That was perfect.

This is a really fun, funny, and surprisingly smart book (you don’t expect “smart” from a book where you can’t describe the plot without using the phrase “poop fountain”). I really enjoyed this book. Everything from the kids’ relationships to the origami section to the maps and poems were wonderful. It was just really fun to read! I highly recommend this book! It’s a blast to read and just a lot of fun! Don’t eat while you read it, though!

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