Thoughts on the Cybils Winners

Cybils LogoI’m thrilled that the winners have been announced, but I can’t say I’m entirely thrilled with all the choices. I adored The Professor’s Daughter, which won the Teen Graphic Novel award, but I actually really disliked Artemis Fowl. I’m not saying it was a bad book, it wasn’t. It just wasn’t anything remarkable. I thought that it fell really far short of special while some of the others not only achieved that but went beyond. How it won is something of a mystery to me. Lucky for me, some of the judges are posting about their thoughts on the whole thing as well!

J. L. Bell over at Oz and Ends has a couple of posts starting the day the award was announced.

David Elzey has a great piece over at Fomagrams (and not just because he apparently agrees with me).

If I notice more judge comments from the graphic novel committee I’ll be sure and update this post! If you see more, let me know!

Cybils Winners Announced!

Cybils LogoThe winners of the 2007 Cybils have been announced over at the Cybils Blog! The panels picked some pretty amazing books, so definitely go check out the winners. I’m especially pleased to see the Graphic Novel winners, since I worked so hard to help narrow down that category at the end of last year with the rest of the wonderful Graphic Novel nominating panel. I can’t wait to get reading on some of the other winners now! The Science Fiction and Fantasy winners are both books I’ve had on my “to read” list for a while and now I’m all the more eager to check them out! Thanks to all the judges for working so hard to decide between so many great books!