New Pixel Dolls: Shackled City and Book Characters

I know that it’s been a really long time since I’ve posted any pixel dolls, but I have some new ones today. Some have been sitting on my computer waiting to be posted for a really long time while a few are pretty recent creations. Madam Mim is probably the oldest, but she was certainly fun to do. I always loved Madam Mim as she’s portrayed in the Disney version of “The Sword in the Stone” and I just couldn’t resist doing a doll of her! After that I did a few more American Girl dolls (Kaya, Elizabeth and Addy). They’re fun to do because of the historical costumes and cute details. I’m sure I’ll do more of them at some point! Superwoman there is Lois Lane from one of the many times that she got superpowers (I can’t believe how often that happened). I was mostly amused by the heart-shaped Super symbol on the costume! Lois is always fun to do, as well. The lovely lady in blue and green is Beauty from “Beauty and the Beast”. The dress came from a picture book version of the story that I have and I just kind of liked it, so I decided to try turning it into a doll. The colors presented more of a challenge than I anticipated and she’s rather brighter than I planned, but in general I like how she turned out.

The last two dolls here are by far my favorites. They represent my character from a past roleplaying game – check out the Shackled City wiki for details on this game and the characters from it – and one of the NPCs we interacted with regularly. In the blue is Verana, my rogue character. She was a great character and dear to my heart. I spent a lot of time on her and am extremely proud of how she turned out. The cleric in white is Jenya, who saved the party more times than I would care to remember! I’m not good at shading white, so she was challenging, but the mace was fun and I generally like how she turned out.

As always, if you click on the dolls they will send you to the sites of their basemakers and they will all be represented on the appropriate doll pages of my website from here on out.

Madam MimMeet ElizabethMeet AddySuperwoman Lois LaneBeautyVeranaJenya

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