Book: Skater Girl

Skater GirlSkater Girl
Jennifer L. Holm and Matthew Holm
2007 (Random House)

Babymouse stares longingly at the trophies in the school trophy case, none of which bear her name, remembering all of her less-than-thrilling “honorable mentions” and wishing that she could get a trophy of her own. Chances for glory come in unexpected places, however. As Babymouse is skating with her friends on a pond one day a famous figure skating coach stops her and invites her to train at the ice rink after school. With dreams of being an ice princess, Babymouse joyfully shows up for practice after practice, only to find out that it isn’t quite what she expected.

Yet again Jennifer and Matthew Holm have woven a delightful Babymouse story. This one is not quite as sharp as some of their previous titles, but for readers who already love this character and her world it will be more than satisfying. The ending is predictable (we don’t actually expect Babymouse to go on to win Olympic gold medals, after all), but the way the story gets there is sometimes surprising.

It’s very nice to see a book for kids where it’s ok for the main character to quit something. So often we end up with book after book after book repeating “I think I can” and showing kids working hard for impossible dreams and succeeding, which is great, but not always realistic. Sometimes you just can’t, or you choose not to, and both of those circumstances are ok. For Babymouse, it was ok. Even her mom said so!

I’m constantly impressed with the art in this series. It never gets repetitive or dull. Every installment is fresh and exploding with energy. The spare color palette (black, white and pink) makes for easy visual transitions between what is real and what is happening in Babymouse’s imagination. Still, I’m not sure I’ve quite figured out how much is real about the weirdnesses in her locker and that’s just fine with me!

While this isn’t the best of the Babymouse books, it’s certainly still a wonderful book and I highly recommend it. Babymouse may not be a skating star, but she is still a blast to read about!

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