Book: Inside the Shadow City

Inside the Shadow City
Kirsten Miller
2006 (Bloomsbury)

One day Ananka looks outside her window at what used to be a park in the center of New York City only to find that it is now a rather large hole and no one seems to have noticed yet. Her attempts to explore this hole aren’t especially fruitful, but they do eventually lead her to a girl who introduces herself as Kiki Strike. This unusual girl recruits Ananka and a variety of other talented 12-year-old girls to help her map the underground city that the hole only hinted at. And that is only the beginning of The Irregulars’ story!

This is a pretty amazing book. I enjoyed it immensely for any number of reasons. The characters were all fantastic. The girls were all interesting and exciting multi-dimensional characters whom I feel like I’m just beginning to get to know. The plotline kept me guessing until the very end and the pacing was perfect to keep my attention. These were the types of girl characters that I wish I’d found when I was a kid! If you know what Shadowrun is, picture that only with teenage girls (two runs with everything that goes with them – from planning to property damage and even a Johnson who disappears with the payoff).

I really liked how this book was written. It is told from Ananka’s point of view and most chapters end with a “how-to” guide of some kind. My favorites were probably “How to Prepare for Adventure” and “How to Take Advantage of Being a Girl”, but most of them were brilliant. The voice stayed consistent throughout the book, even though Ananka aged two years, but that made sense since the frame story stated that she was writing this all after the fact from her extensive notes and memory.

I can’t wait to read the second book (which I’m waiting for in paperback next month). I highly recommend this book! It a fun, fast-paced read and I could even seen boys enjoying it. Definitely check out Kiki Strike!

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