“I Want to Play Her”: Prepared Leader

Look! I have two great images of the same great character! It’s completely unprecedented! As soon as I saw these book covers, this girl caught my eye. She looks totally prepared for anything. Aliens attacking? She’s ready. Zombie hamster? No problem. (Yes, that is a zombie hamster on that cover.) She’s even dressed for action in a practical jumpsuit that’s easy to move in and looks comfortable or a tee-shirt and hoodie with her hair back in a ponytail. Her companion seems a bit less ready for anything, but he’ll be ok since he’s with her. Besides, his main job seems to be to protect the little dog that is their constant companion. When she’s fighting zombie hamsters and alien invaders, this hardly seems like a taxing job, does it? This girl looks awesome. She appears inquisitive, attentive and prepared. I would love to play her! She’d make a great hero character in an action game! By the way, the cover art is done by Scott M. Fischer.

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