Moving Update!

We’re in our new apartment in Austin, TX and Michael is off at his first day on the new job. I’ve been unpacking boxes like crazy and still can’t find some of the important stuff, but that’s how it goes. We’ll find everything eventually. I hope. So far we like that apartment a lot and I’m sure that pictures (and maybe videos) will be forthcoming.

On the drive down here I managed to read both of the first two 39 Clues books out loud and Michael and I enjoyed them very much. I’m planning to write a post about them in the next day or so. I’ve also pre-ordered the third and fourth ones for us already, so hopefully the story remains as compelling!

I’m hoping to be much better about updating both this blog and my book blog. I’ve been horrible about that (especially with this one, although I’ve been dutifully updating the pages to this website as necessary). We’ll see if I can actually stick to it this time!

Now back to unpacking!


I’m sorry that I haven’t posted here much recently, but my life has been rather busy! So in November I had foot surgery to have a tiny bone removed from my foot (this wasn’t as big a deal as it sounds like, so don’t worry). The recovery from that was kind of long because it’s a foot and walking on it all the time makes it take longer to heal.

And just as I’m starting to be able to do more normal things again, Michael got a new job in Austin, Texas! So we’re moving. Next week. These things happen fast, it seems. Our possessions are already on their way down in a truck while we’re still in Madison with my parents for a few more days. We should get our new apartment down there next Wednesday and Michael starts his new job on Friday. See, things are happening fast! But I’m excited and hopeful that this will be good for us! So here’s to new adventures!

I promise to try and post here much more often in the coming months! Sorry I’ve been so silent of late.