Book: Artful Reading

Artful Reading
Bob Raczka
2008 (Millbrook/Lerner)

Artful Reading is a collection of paintings spanning several centuries and many countries with one thing in common: they all depict people reading. The text celebrates all the places you can read, how much fun reading can be, all the different things that can be read and more. The images are large and beautifully represented, so the details can be easily poured over. The text is great for reading aloud to a group or for a child just beginning to read by themselves. This is a very beautiful book that celebrates both reading and art.

The variety of paintings and styles is fantastic ranging from the abstract Picasso of two women perusing a book to the almost photograph-like Vermeer of a man reading maps. There are famous paintings as well as obscure ones, but all are interesting and stick to the theme of people reading. The text is simple, perfect for a child just learning to read alone, in a large, easy-to-read font with important words highlighted. More information is provided in smaller print in the back about each painting and artist, so that curious readers can learn more about any particular image that catches their attention.

Due to the format and theme, this book would be excellent in a classroom and could easily be used in an art or reading lesson. It’s images invite the reader to sit and stare at them, but the text reads well as a read-aloud or a beginning reader. I’d highly recommend this book for a classroom, library or curious child. It’s fun and the art is fantastic!

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