Book: Babymouse the Musical

Babymouse the Musical
Jennifer L. Holm and Matthew Holm
2009 (Random House)

Babymouse has tried her hand at dodgeball, band and even figure skating, so clearly it’s time for her next challenge. When a new student suggests she try out for the school musical, Babymouse decides to go for it! Henry, her new friend, helps her prepare, but in true Babymouse fashion, things never quite go exactly as planned.

The Babymouse books are brilliant and this one is no different. There are great side plots (like the squid in Babymouse’s locker revealing itself to be the “Phantom of the Locker” who steals everyone’s homework) and fun trips through Babymouse’s imagination. The references in this book are, unsurprisingly, almost entirely drawn from musicals, but they still manage to range from The Lion King to American Idol to A Chorus Line. The mix is fun, entertaining and works especially well for the book.

One of the things that I found most interesting in this particular book was how involved the narrator got. The narrator in this series has a very distinct voice and has developed quite a bit of personality over the course of the series, but in this volume the narrator got a whole song! Narrators are not only pretty rare in graphic novels, but I can’t even think of another one with so much personality (at least, not one that isn’t also a character). The narrator in Babymouse does more than move the story along, it is a complement to Babymouse herself. It has a snarky voice that parallels Babymouse’s and gives her someone to play off of. The narrator is really part of the unique charm of these books.

Babymouse the Musical is a fun romp through all things musical theater. From Cats to Annie, Babymouse can do it all. A fun new character is introduced and hope that he sticks around, at least showing up once in a while in future books, because he was different from the rest of the cast. The regular players were all here, though, and the story was fun to read. I definitely recommend this title, but I think it will be even more fun if you’ve read some of the previous books in the series. Babymouse is still one of the best graphic novel series I’ve read!

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