New Paper Doll: Carmella

CarmellaFThis is the second of my new paper dolls. Her name is Carmella. This is my first child paper doll, so I’m having fun with her. She’s taking some getting used to, though, because the proportions are so different (I keep expecting her legs to be longer!). I enjoying drawing outfits for her, though, so she will continue to get new ones periodically just like Alana. Carmella is wearing Felicity Merriman’s birthday dress from the American Girl book Happy Birthday, Felicity! If you click on the image (or here) it will take you to the page where you can get both the doll and the outfit. The outfit does not have tabs, so you will have to add them yourself if you plan to cut it out and play with it.

Carmella is the second of three new paper dolls that I’ve got for the website (Alana was the first of this series). I will put the last new doll up next time! I hope you enjoy this series of dolls, since I’m having a great time making them and already have a bunch of outfits for each of them! I might experiment with coloring some of the outfits in Paintshop Pro sometime and if that works out, I’ll post the colored versions as well. If anybody else feels like sending me colored versions I’ll post those too! I kind of like them just as line drawings, but they are fun to color as well! Anyway, enjoy them!

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