New Paper Doll – Serena

This is the last of my new paper dolls (although all three have lots of outfits, which I will be posting as well). This is Serena. She’s a teenager and was definitely the most difficult of the three to make. I’m still not entirely happy with her and think she’s a bit too skinny, but she kept coming out either too shapeless or too thin and eventually this was the best one, so I decided to stick with her. She may be the first paper doll I’ve ever made with curly hair (which is odd, since I love curly hair). Her outfit is Flora’s fairy costume from the television show Winx Club which I’ve been watching the end of recently, since we stopped having television before the show ended. Flora, whose powers are all plant based, was always my favorite of the girls in the show. Anyhow, same drill as before, you can either click on the image or here to go to the page where you can get the doll and outfit! I’ll be posting more outfits for Serena, Alana and Carmella in the near future. I might experiment with coloring some of the outfits in Paintshop Pro sometime and if that works out, I’ll post the colored versions as well. If anybody else feels like sending me colored versions I’ll post those too! I kind of like them just as line drawings, but they are fun to color as well! The point is, enjoy them!

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